When the internet itself was mostly bulletin boards

It started innocuously enough, in September 1982. When the internet itself was mostly bulletin boards. Scott Fahlman, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, was looking for a way to mark posts that were made in jest. Few savory dishes in Tunisia seem complete without a spoonful or two (or more) of the spicy paste. Cooks stir it into couscous broth, fish soups and tomato sauce for pasta, add it to salads of roasted red peppers or eggplant, and spoon it onto grilled sardines and red mullet. Fricassee sandwiches sold on the street get a generous dollop, as salecanadagooseoutlets do bowls of lablabi, the widely popular chickpea stew served over pieces of day old bread..

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buy canada goose jacket cheap So the mystery canada goose outlet is where the eight glasses a day recommendation for good skin comes from. Few of the official guidelines even refer to the skin. Water is undoubtedly the most important canada goose outlet black friday nutrient for the body. All with the aim of selling more ads that are targeted with incredible precision.Another source of Facebook’s personal data is people uploading their contacts via the smartphone app.Even if you don’t allow it to do this, your friends may and so your personal details will still be kept by the social network.When enabled this sends the contents of your phone contacts, along with profile pictures, to Facebook. It means that it now has information that you have never given it permission to hold.You can’t see these records either, they’re not available in your canada goose outlet jackets profile, canada goose outlet in usa only in a database at Facebook that you can’t access.The company says that it won’t show this information because it wasn’t uploaded by you.WhatsApp founder admits he sold users’ privacy to Facebook as canada goose black friday sale details of an unwanted new feature leakBusinesses can upload your details to Facebook. You can’t see this information or remove itUsing this data it’s possible for an advertiser or anyone prepared to buy Facebook ads to target a single person. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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My first thought when I looked up the size was that it seemed unremarkable, almost boring. But I discovered upon trying it out that this size combined with the general shape are exactly what my anatomy craved. It was just enough. And just a final reminder: we really do not tolerate discrimination or offhand comments of ANY kind here, even if said in jest or not intended to be offensive. We understand it’s often difficult to communicate intention through the internet, but it’s best to just drop any possibly offensive comments all together. We need to respect people of all religions here..

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vibrators The material the chemise is made of (90% polyester, 10% spandex) is surprisingly not itchy or scratchy feeling at all. It was also both cool and warm. I didn’t feel overheated ever when wearing it, despite it being long sleeved. It’s so tight and hot in here.” My Wand Massager is on one of the lower settings, teasing me as I hold it against my sex underneath me. I buck up against him and he grabs my tits and bites my shoulder. “Turn it up higher.” I comply, and the stronger vibration makes me groan and bury my face in the pillow. vibrators

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butt plugs If you are looking to use this mask for taking away your sight, it won’t work. No matter how tight I tied it there were huge gaps in the bottom where I could see, everything. It kind of ruined the moment. Johnson provided some of the most emotional testimony of the trial. She sobbed loudly as she described how Cosby coerced her to take a pill that made her vision so blurry she could not read the labels on a large array of prescription medicine bottles in the bathroom of the entertainer’s bungalow at the luxe Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles. She was the lone previous accuser allowed to testify in the trial as prosecutors sought to establish a pattern of behavior.. butt plugs

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sex toys These two ends meet in the middle to create a sexy understated S shape. The word Njoy is etched on the smooth curved shaft, near the middle of the wand, but it does not provide any noticeable texture. The entire wand is very slim, so if you are looking for some girth, perhaps the Pure Wand, or even the Eleven, would be better suited for you sex toys.

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Reinvesting dividends will increase the amount of dividend paying shares you own and boost returns. Perhaps my favorite perk of investing in stocks with ever increasing dividend payments, is my ability to reinvest those dividends. Doing so amplifies my returns by accumulating more shares (which pay more dividends).

Having a full scale war style mission structure EVERY mission would get boring very fast. That what Command was, and the MP on that game was honestly pretty boring. And it boasted 6 players I believe. Unhappy with the arrogance of nobles, Saito mocks Guiche’s two timing nature so Guiche challenges him to a duel. Despite being severely beaten up by Guiche’s summoned brass golem, Saito refuses to back down. Impressed, Guiche tosses him a sword to give him a chance.

30, 2019. In short, Ensco is well equipped to withstand current crisis from a financial point of view. If the offshore market dives even deeper, access to funds will be a critical advantage.. I think, with the barest modicum of exposition, Christopher Nolan takes the most poignant, pressure laced portions of each of those scenarios and brings them together in such a way as to highlight the constant, adrenaline fueled foreboding that hung over each of the main characters as events unfolded and impacted each of their lives path. A week out, the pilot life back at base may be interesting, but as far as the story is concerned, not compelling. Just one day of their existence on the beach, waiting may seem to drag Sexy Bikini Swimsuit, but over a single day it doesn adequately reflect the droning boredom punctuated with the interspersed shear terror of the strafing runs by the German Stukas and BF 109 has used the compelling arc of each time segment from each story line to move the action forward in the same way that the Hans Zimmer score with the constant ticking highlights the value of time as a resource and its ever forward marching progress in Interstellar..

Actually for aussies, they are really pathetic. Most Australians would have just really gone for it, but I couldn’t even finish the video. I really wanted to smack the old dude in the head for being a complaining child. A subreddit dedicated to people freaking out, melting down, losing their cool, or being weird in public. Drugged out or sober, anything goes. Keep the comments respectful where mental disorders are concerned, and remember that the individuals depicted in these videos are real people too.


All travelers are welcome on Times Journeys. Our trips are designed to provide a truly enlightening experience. Whether you are traveling with a partner, family, friend or on your own, you will be sure to forge lasting friendships with your fellow travelers.

Upon the terms set forth in the Merger Agreement, Merger Sub merged with and into the Company (the with the Company surviving as the surviving company and thereby becoming an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Parent. As the sole administrative agent, arranger and collateral agent, and the lenders named therein, were paid and the Loan and Security Agreement was terminated in accordance with its terms. The material terms of the Loan and Security Agreement are described in the Company Current Report on Form 8 K filed on October 27, 2009, as amended by the Company Current Report on Form 8 K/A filed on March 18, 2011, and such description is incorporated herein by reference..

Now days I don’t let myself think about the call before making it. I just dial the number and then allow myself to quickly think up what I’m going to say. One thing I’ve learned is that my mind is my own worst enemy and it will make things into worse situations than what they really are.

He was in ICU for a week (I didn even know that was a thing for dogs). Today he gets to go get a ton of shots because his blood work finally came back normal. We have been having to treat him like he has a compromised immune system.. Two dozen media spaces on the courtroom’s polished wooden seats have been assigned by lottery, with an equal amount set aside for the general public. Another twelve spots in the rectangular chamber are reserved for the Zimmerman and Martin families. Department of Justice Community Relations Service .

Emma Watson delivers an alert

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I adore that fucking scarf and if I ever lost it I think I die

2nd Edit: In case it gets buried in the thread chain, see this post by /u/sethop that explains why those particular graphics aren legit with some actual links showing how Fox manipulates information to their own ends. It a much better one than my own swift snarkIt an easy mistake to make. One wants to make a point, googles for some evidence, grabs the images or paragraphs or links that make that point most effectively, without necessarily taking the time to verify their veracity, because they are effectively making the point that you already believed in.

cheap moncler coats mens “But sociologists study racism from a structural perspective. It’s about who has the power and moncler jackets outlet the privilege, and it’s about the moncler outlet uk history of this country,” he said. “This country is founded in a particular way, based on genocide, colonization and enslavement, and you can’t escape that or pretend that time has rendered those historical facts inconsequential. cheap moncler coats mens

cheap moncler jackets womens So, if you want a decent offline photo editor, try Pixlr Touchup. Need to create some diagrams or flowcharts offline? Try gliffy or Lucidchart. There are moncler outlet sale also task list managers, weather apps, and games. During the night cheap moncler and day of the riot, deputized whites killed more moncler sale outlet than 300 African Americans. They looted and burned to the ground 40 square cheap moncler jackets sale blocks of 1,265 African American homes, including hospitals, schools, and churches, and cheap moncler jackets destroyed 150 businesses. White deputies and members of the National Guard arrested and detained 6,000 black Tulsans who were released only upon being vouched for by a white moncler sale employer moncler outlet online or other white citizen. cheap moncler jackets womens

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In any case, i mean NETWORK switch. Or vm to vm will be constrained by see it here your NIC. Pratically non existant, plus it a 10minutes set and forget expenditure on proxmox.(ps: there are amazing westmere dual 6 core system out there, being sold for nothing, hp z600.

moncler outlet prices Before I explain the detox, let me start by saying that we are already gluten free. Further, I don’t eat dairy or drink caffeine. Basically the only reason I had left to live was sugar. I used a bit over 15GB of vram on an RX Vega 64 in insurgency sandstorm with disabled texture streaming. Without HBCC it stuttered enough that it was unplayble. However, pretty much no devs make games that would stutter like this on the common high end vram amount, so HBCC doesn show much improvement in FPS in current games.. moncler outlet prices

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cheap moncler jackets mens Bad Religion is my all time favorite band and first listen wasn’t really digging this and thought any negative comments around the song would be about how BR is washed up and not relevant anymore. But dang this backlash is hilarious. First, most (not all but definitely a solid amount) of punk is overtly political in some way. cheap moncler jackets mens

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Fashion clearly isn’t getting tired of ’90s nostalgia yet: It was revealed today that Winona Ryder will front Rag & Bone’s Fall campaign.According to WWD, the 42-year-old actress was chosen for her “beautiful, timeless quality,” said Marcus Wainwright, the label’s managing partner. “To us, Winona Ryder is a bona-fide icon. One of the things that makes her so cool is that although she has this incredible career, she isn’t interested in being a movie star.”MORE: ’90s Fashion: 15 Iconic Moments We’re Still Talking AboutJoining Rider is actor Michael Pitt high quality replicas hermes , who’ll be the face the men’s campaign, and both were shot in Coney Island, N.Y.During the past year, a number of famous people associated with the ’90s have popped up in fashion campaigns, including Courtney Love, Beck, and Marilyn Manson for Saint Laurent www.edenaar.nl , and Erykah Badu for Givenchy.Take a look at the images below, and let us know your thoughts!Photos: Rag & Bone


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Winona Ryder Lands Rag & Bone Campaign

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canada goose Prepaid Debit Cards Can Be Minefields Of Hidden Costs Emily Starbuck Crone, NerdWallet Nov. 20, 2014, 11:43 AM Prepaid debit cards lead to many fees you won’t see coming.Flickr / World of GoodGeneral-purpose reloadable debit cards have some advantages over traditional checking accounts or even credit cards. No bank account is required, plus there’s no risk of overdraft fees or racking up credit card debt. But some prepaid debit cards that let you add money to them impose hefty charges and have features that can make them a dangerous alternative to other types of accounts. Recently, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed new rules that could make prepaid cards safer and more user-friendly. A major change would include new protections for lost cards and fraudulent transactions, which have been unavailable for this type of plastic. The proposal would also limit fees (particularly “overdraft protection” charges for the type that let you spend more money than the card holds) and easier access to account statements. While it could be several months before these proposed protections kick in — or longer, if they’re challenged — they should be welcomed by the rising number of people using prepaid debit cards. In 2003, consumers loaded $1 billion onto general-purpose reloadable cards; by 2012 canadagooseparka , that figure had ballooned to almost $65 billion and is still growing, according to the consumer bureau. Many people use the cards as alternatives to checking accounts. “Prepaid card users are disproportionately unbanked and under-banked households,” Richard Cordray, the agency’s director, said in introducing its proposed regulations. “Many of these prepaid consumers are living paycheck to paycheck, and are engaged in a constant battle to make ends meet. They are some of the most economically vulnerable among us, and most of them have no idea that the prepaid cards they choose to purchase are largely unregulated at the federal level and carry few if any protections.” Until the proposed changes come into play, watch out for these common pitfalls of using a reloadable prepaid debit card: 1. Fees, fees, and more fees Prepaid debit cards work very differently than those tied to a bank account. The reloadable type let you or a third party add funds. Some card issuers take advantage of this characteristic by charging a fee each time you load money on it. Some issuers tack on additional fees, nickel-and-diming you when you activate your card, check its balance and withdraw cash. Monthly fees are also common. Before you select a card, take a close look at the fees. That isn’t always easy, and one of the proposed rules is designed to require better fee disclosure by card issuers. Don’t expect to recover charges if your card is stolen and used.Flickr / Dan Cunningham 2. No loss or theft protection Credit cards and bank debit cards must limit liability for cardholders if the account is used for fraudulent purchases. This means if someone steals your card and uses it without your knowledge, you will likely owe little, if anything. Some prepaid cards offer protection against unauthorized transactions, but according to the consumer agency, not all do. So for now, at least, if your prepaid card is stolen and used, it’s unlikely the card issuer will help you recover that money. 3. Automatic overdraft protection Some prepaid cards come with automatic overdraft protection or linked lines of credit. If the user overspends, the card will still work but you pay major fees for the “benefit” of being allowed to overdraft the account. And with an automatic linked line of credit, you may run up unpaid balances without having intended to ever go above your limit — the kind of problem you can run into with a credit card. Look for one that doesn’t have automatic overdraft protection or lets you cancel it. 4. Binding arbitration It’s common for prepaid debit cards to require users to submit to binding arbitration in cases where charges are disputed. This means you give up many of your legal rights. These clauses “prevent cardholders from challenging unfair and deceptive practices or other legal violations in court, impairing individual rights and potentially allowing abuses to spread without legal or public scrutiny,” the Pew Charitable Trusts have warned. 5. Lack of insurance Nearly all checking accounts at banks are federally insured. This protects your money in accounts of $250,000 or less if the financial institution ever fails. Prepaid cards generally don’t have such protections. If the prepaid card’s issuer goes bankrupt www.canadagooseparka.biz , you may be out of luck. The consumer bureau’s rules deal with many of these issues, and others as well. But keep in mind that until they take effect, you may be paying too much and are at risk of losing your money by loading it onto a prepaid debit card. Read the original article on NerdWallet. Copyright 2018. Follow NerdWallet on Twitter. SEE ALSO: Believe The Hype About American Express' Prepaid Debit Card canada goose parka

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Since central heating became standard, the vest has become a relic, out of fashion for 50 continuous years.What you seeing here is an evolution of values from adjectives like “powerful” in 2003 to “timeless” and “classic” in 2013. We lived through a transition period (everyone always has, I suppose) from the leftover 90s in the early 00s to the resurgence of the 60s in the latter half of the 00s. This picture and things like GQ cover photos from just ten years ago are all evidence of the inflection point.What important to remember is that we not necessarily moving to the right style (although I understand why it feels that way it the nature of powerful trends to make you think everything that came before was just Plato cave).We eventually move again, of course maybe five, maybe ten years from now.

dresses sale The visual staff preaches visual awareness coming into the end of the season, but without the absolute familiarity of our dots that are pounded into us, we wouldn be able to achieve some of the dope form evolutions and whatnot that we do every year.Inkysin 19 points submitted 1 year agoCadets is, I think, vastly underrated. It a very nuanced show, with incredible design. On the surface (and on the first few viewings), it came off as just another Cadets show. dresses sale

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Sexy Bikini Swimsuit Show courtesy. You don’t have to promote yourself to feel better. When you support others they will tend to think more positively about you and this will have a positive ripple effect. Apollo 11 made the A7L the most iconic suit of the program. It proved to be the primary pressure suit worn by NASA astronauts for Project Apollo. The “A7L” designation is used by NASA as the seventh Apollo spacesuit designed and built by ILC Dover (a Playtex division when the suit was designed). Sexy Bikini Swimsuit

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Cheap Swimsuits This was one of those boring ass games where I found myself reloading /r/all every 2 minutes without realizing nothing was going to be different because nothing else was going on)Anyone that still supports Mathenys dumb ass reply to this shit for the love of god so I can block you and never hear your shitty opinions ever again.Dude has coasted off the success of a good FO and minor league system and great players and has no business being a manager in the major leagues. Greg Holland neanderthal mouth breathing ass doesn look like he could get single A players out and should never be in a game that is ANYWHERE NEAR close, and putting him in one to “find his stuff” obviously isn going to fucking work, this is like the fucking 87th time it hasn worked, there like 8 other fuckers in the bullpen that are better. If any of you stupid fucks act like Matheny is magically the reason the Cardinals win the next time they kick the living fuck out of some absolute ass team that won 3 games all year please PLEASE actually use your brains and remember not just this game cheap bikinis, but the countless, COUNTLESS games exactly like this one that happen on an increasingly frequent basis every year this dickhead has been the manager.. Cheap Swimsuits

dresses sale Not to be a killjoy, but a movie where everyone is from the top 1% of the Overseas Chinese population has a long way towards representing “Asians” as a group, tbh. The book series it based on, while certainly fun, is very much targeted to a Western audience. I say that it about as representative of Singapore as The Wolf of Wall Street is of New York, or the Kardashians are of the US West Coast dresses sale.

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Very easy. They launched the beta live without telling us. They said they were ProCSS and there issues with flair pink romper, then they launched it to users and kept launching it. When you finish story, you simply carry on normally in open world and free roaming. There plenty to do after you finish campaign, the true fun begins right after that. Side quests, bounties, invasions, the Bozak Horde, Prison Heist, The Following, play Co Op and help others, go for 100% completion, upgrade difficulty, start NG+ and etc..

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swimsuits for women So I not sure if I should count those first two months as properly TTC or start from this month. It now frustrating me that I didn have all the information and we should have been better prepared but there nothing I can do about it now. Also, in 2 cycles it seems that I going to be on holiday (and away from hubs) for the entire FW. swimsuits for women

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Sexy Bikini Swimsuit LB’s retailing efforts are geared toward the aspirational. But LB’s leadership is undoubtedly inspirational. CEO Leslie Wexner founded the business with one store called The Limited in 1963 and beachwear cover ups, over the ensuing decades, created an enterprise which was not just a collection of domestic specialty apparel shops but a global marketer of major brands and their extended product lines Sexy Bikini Swimsuit.