They follow certain tribal customs

In the 1960s, Rudolph was considered “the fastest woman in the world” a feat made all the more impressive by the fact that she spent most of her childhood in leg braces. Rudolph suffered from polio as a child, and was fitted for leg braces after she lost the use of her left leg at age six. After years of treatment and determination, the braces came off and her sporting career began..

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The Students: Anthropologists would be intrigued by the social dynamic among Northgate students at football games. They follow certain tribal customs. Students wear all sorts of combinations of red and gold (Northgate’s colors). It’s just a regular sized ant; it does ant things. It carries bundles to and fro, it frantically scrambles across logs and it colonizes the pants of liars. It doesn’t spit acid, it doesn’t fly and it doesn’t eat people.

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Consignment shopping takes all of the guilt away! The first

Wichita State associate anthropology professor David Hughes and recent graduate Steven Roberts led a group of graduate students on a excavation of mammoth remains near Cunningham on Monday, Oct. 17, 2016. The team removed the fossil’s tusk which will be taken to WSU for further examination.

Mini Led Display But with a sharper screen, those social media posts and streaming videos we all peruse on our phones will look better, as will emerging technologies such as augmented reality another emerging Apple interest. 6,99,999 in India MediaTek Launches a 6 in 1 Smartphone Health Monitoring Sensor Module Vivo Said to Be First to Unveil Synaptics’ In Display Fingerprint Sensor Airtel 4G Hotspot Price in India Slashed, Now Costs Rs. 999 Hike Messenger Adds Social Features Like Bill Split, Voting to Groups Honor 9 Lite, Huawei Enjoy 7S Leaked Ahead of Launches Next Week OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition Launched in India at Rs. Mini Led Display

led billboard Murdoch defended News Corp.’s handling of the scandal, saying it will recover from any damage caused by the phone hacking and police bribery allegations. The 80 year old told The Wall Street Journal which is owned by News Corp. that he is “just getting annoyed” at all the recent negative press. led billboard

outdoor led display Storsley got the idea from his cousin, who has been installing Christmas lights in Winnipeg for a decade. So far, he has lined up about 15 customers, enough for him to get a base and build for future years. “I didn’t want to go back to the oil rigs, so I thought I’d better do something. outdoor led display

outdoor led display Business agnostic, he said. Big company. A small company. Sonic Drive Ins and Performance Tire and Wheel are capable of dimming LED signs that stand outside of their locations in Topeka, representatives of those companies said at the meeting. Topeka Blvd. Made an “instant impact” in terms of bringing more business. outdoor led display

hd led display As time went on, I got braver and braver about simplifying my life and getting rid of all of the things I didn want or need anymore. Have you ever paid a lot of money for an outfit and then didn like it after all? Of course you have! Many times people are reluctant to part with clothes that they paid a lot for and never wear (maybe because it shrunk the first time you washed it). Consignment shopping takes all of the guilt away! The first step is to let go of the guilt and get rid of the clothes. hd led display

led screen Dream It Do It is a Western New York nonprofit whose mission is to increase the skilled workforce pipeline entering careers in advanced manufacturing. DIDIWNY accomplishes this mission by attracting students outdoor led display, through fun and exciting Science, Technology, Engineering Math (STEM) based activities. DIDIWNY also coordinates the annual STEM Wars Manufacturing Career Fair, a regional competition for local school districts at Jamestown Community College in March.. led screen

small led display Back view of young businessman on abstract blue city background with arrows. Business woman sitting in front of a computer. Forex trading background concept with currency symbols image. Powersellers use clearly focused photos Powersellers have acquired their status by using clear photos or scans of the items they are selling and making sure that the photos show all flaws. In effect, along with all of the other skills they have acquired, they have also become semi pro photographers! Many have built a “mini studio” with optimum lighting and background, that is available at their beck and call for those quick shots when they need to e mail an additional photo to a bidder. The Powerseller usually has both a Digital Camera for photographing 3 dimensional items and large items and also has a scanner for the paper items and flat items.. small led display

indoor led display The idyllic views of Krinitz’s hometown of Mniszek are all too brief. The German soldiers arrived in September 1939. Krinitz was a young girl. Deux modifications au contrat en vigueur les liant sont apportes. Les villes concernes, soit Chteauguay, Beauharnois, Lry et Saint Isidore ont convenu que les infrastructures comme le nouveau poste de police venir seraient dfrayes par chacune au prorata la fois de leur population et de leur richesse foncire uniformise. Ce, moiti moiti indoor led display.

Dan vind ik een coole plek om het te verbergen

Ik zou ook nooit kleding kopen via Amazon. Bijna de helft van de aanbiedingen die ik zie zijn allemaal Chinese verkopers, dus de maatvoering is ver weg, de kwaliteit zal op de foto’s niet zo goed zijn, je kunt zien dat het een afknapper is vanwege de prijs. Ik zou echt willen dat ik de werkelijke kleding / tassen van de gestolen foto’s kon krijgen en zou bereid zijn om de echte prijs te betalen wetende dat de kwaliteit / pasvorm redelijk zou zijn 🙁 ..

moncler jas dames Megapress is nog steeds nieuw en duur, en NPT 1 1/2 ‘is niet eenvoudig om te doen. Ik heb weken aan het systeem gewerkt en heb het eindelijk gedaan vanaf gisteravond. De gasleidingen zijn goedkoop als je er een dealer voor kunt vinden Man, ze hadden moeten winnen, niet weten waar ze fout liepen, ik was klaar om Trump TV aan te kondigen en veel geld te verdienen, maar kwam vast te zitten met deze baan, begrijp me niet verkeerd, hou ervan deals te sluiten voor de mensen, maar Ik mis echt mijn bedrijven, de beste bedrijven, buiten het publieke oog, weg met witwassen van geld voor de Russen, niet zoals Manafort, maar beter, volkomen legaal, datgene wat mij slim maakt, het slimste, niet als krom Hillary. Nu beweren ze dat ze me op de band hebben, nooit toegang tot Hollywood hebben gehad, iedereen weet dat ik Hollywood haat, er nooit naartoe zou gaan. ‘Totaal hitjob nep nieuws van de liberale media, eropuit om mij te pakken, ze haten Amerika, in tegenstelling tot mij, ik hou van Amerika , al zijn mensen, goed. moncler jas dames

moncler jassen 27 december is een dag om het leven van astronoom Johannes Kepler te vieren, die op deze datum in 1571 werd geboren, en vooral bekend is vanwege zijn drie wetten van planetaire beweging. Maar ook, komend in 2009, zal het Internationale Jaar van de Sterrenkunde (IYA) ook het werk van Kepler vieren. Galileo begon niet alleen zijn observaties met een telescoop bijna 400 jaar geleden in 1609, maar ook in dat jaar publiceerde Kepler zijn boek New Moncler Sale Astronomy of Astronomia Nova. moncler jassen

moncler jas heren Bewerken: Monkler outlet uk werd wakker en was verbaasd over alle steun die ik van 10 jaar oud nooit kreeg. Ik trek uit als $ 100 in de gouden munten en vind een cool uitziende kist in een kringloopwinkel of een geweldig ogende container. Dan vind ik een coole plek om het te verbergen, een reeks kaarten en raadsels te maken en ze te verbergen in kleding bij kringloopwinkels en boeken in openbare bibliotheken, aan het eind verlaat ik normaal mijn e-mail, zodat mensen me kunnen vertellen dat ze het hebben gevonden. moncler jas heren

2018 moncler ‘Ik ben opgegroeid in goedkope moncler jassen te koop in het theater, omdat mijn ouders zowel acteurs als regisseurs zijn, en ik heb altijd een groot ontzag gehad voor de niet-verhalende delen en de abstracte componenten tijdens de repetities de ceremoniële mystiek van een testfase toen de acteurs zijn nog niet goedkoop moncler op het podium en er is niets te zien, maar de machines, de rekwisieten en het landschap. Ik wilde hulde brengen aan de mechanica en de formele elementen van het theater. Het is een theatervoorstelling zonder acteurs die het podium en de muziek alleen gebruiken als theatrale elementen, bedoeld als een eerbetoon aan de machine, de kunst van het schilderen en het decor. 2018 moncler

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moncler dames David Lega, de locoburgemeester van Göteborg en een oud-mentor voor mentor van Appelgren, zegt dat het haar gewoonte is om oplossingen te zoeken in plaats van zich te concentreren op problemen, waardoor Mitt Liv kan moncler nederland floreren. Richt zich op wat mensen kunnen doen, in plaats van altijd vast te lopen, zegt hij. Wat meer, zegt hij, gelooft waar ze het over heeft. moncler dames

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moncler jas sale Opgezet door een groep enthousiaste hardlopers die allemaal een goede vriend of ten opzichte van kanker verloren hadden, is Run 4 Cancer in de eerste plaats een leverancier van respijtdagen en -vakanties voor Britse gezinnen die getroffen zijn door kanker. Running) en hoe dit kan helpen bij het voorkomen jassenmoncler van kanker en helpt bij het herstel na een diagnose. Een onafhankelijke divisie van de 4 Cancer Group, Run 4 Cancer, wordt gerund door een toegewijd team hardlopers vanuit haar kantoren in Newbury.0845 408 1849.. moncler jas sale

moncler sale Brian’s goedkope moncler jassen eerste solo-opnames, ook geproduceerd door hemzelf, werden uitgebracht als een EP op 31 oktober 1983 onder de naam ‘Star Fleet Project’.Voor dit project werkte hij samen met gitarist Eddie Van Halen (van de band Van Halen), drummer Alan Gratzer (REO Speedwagon), sessiegenist Phil Chen (Jeff Beck en Rod Stewart) en toetsenist Fred Mandel, die met Queen optrad tijdens de ‘Hot Space’ tour en als moncler jackets een keyboardspeler op de albums afzetten ‘ Hot Space ‘en’ The Works ‘. Het idee voor het moncler factory outlet-project kwam van Brian, de toen vier jaar oude zoon Jimmy, die de sci fi tv-show’ X Bomber ‘van de Japanse kinderen zag, wat zich vertaalt in ‘Star Fleet’ in het Engels moncler sale.

She created and owns her own agency

Migraines are also unique because they’re often preceded by warning signs, which might include fatigue, depression, euphoria or even cravings for certain types of foods. For about 20 percent of migraine victims, the onset of an attack is signaled by an aura, which can manifest as an abnormal disturbance to any one of the five senses. Visual auras are by far the most common, and often take the form of wavy lines or flashing lights.

human hair wigs cheap wigs She overall just an extremely messy person. She only does her dishes maybe once every 3 weeks, and when she does she only washes half of them (it like she just gives up half way through for some reason) so I always end up having to do some of her dishes or else I run out of plates. Her side of the apartment is just a complete mess, she has a shoe rack outside of her room and literally has no shoes sitting on it, instead they are just piled beside the shoe rack in a huge shoe orgy on the floor (whats the point of buying a shoe rack if you are just going to throw your shoes on the floor anyways).. cheap wigs human hair wigs

Lace Wigs costume wigs African Americans feel unworthy to white people, as a result of white people trying to distance themselves as far as possible from African Americans. White people want to have clear boundaries between me and not me Lace Wigs, in order to retain their identity. In The Bluest Eye, African Americans function as the ‘Other’. costume wigs Lace Wigs

costume wigs cheap wigs A nurse is caring for a patient with diabetes who is scheduled for amputation of his necrotic left greater toe. The patient’s WBC count is 15.0 X 10/6/UL and he has coolness of the lower extremities, weighs 75 pounds more than his ideal weight, and smokes two packs of cigarettes per day. Which priority nursing diagnosis addresses the primary factor affecting the patient’s ability to heal?. cheap wigs costume wigs

wigs costume wigs Its hard, but it works. We as military personal do NOT want people sympathy and we sure as heck don like to hear people complain about deployments. No one here was forced to join.. I encourage you to follow the links you’ll find below, get to know the “Go Fish Guys” and take a moment to enjoy their music. They invite their friends. Gotta Move has a Great Message, just like the first two Go Fish Guys offerings. costume wigs wigs

cheap wigs human hair wigs online It was humiliating, embarrassing stuff. But I did it because there was nothing else. After West Side Story, it was pretty much the same thing. The watch was a stem wind, lever set. Unlike the casing, the face was complex. There were the traditional hour marks and two main hands, and a third to count the seconds, but there were four additional, smaller faces set in each quarter. wigs online cheap wigs human hair

cheap wigs human hair wigs for women Since then, Nicole has appeared in numerous publications and fashion shows. She created and owns her own agency, “A Touch of Class”, based in Port Perry.[1]Nicole graduated from Port Perry High School and then studied hotel management at George Brown College in Toronto, but dropped out to pursue a modeling career.[6] Her mother handed Nicole her first issue of Playboy and suggested she pose for the magazine.[7]Nicole was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in January 2007, and was named the 2008 Playmate of the Year.[4]Nicole debuted as a feature film actress in the 2009 Italian comedy Un’estate ai Caraibi. In October 2009, Nicole appeared on Fox Sports’ PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge.[9][10]In the September 2010 edition of Guitar World magazine Nicole appeared as one of “The Girls of the 2011 Guitar World Buyer’s Guide”.[11]Nicole filmed a pilot for E!, The Girls Next Door: The Bunny House, with several other Playboy centerfolds. wigs for women cheap wigs human hair

wigs for women wigs for women How to Wear Printed SareesOne last thing that is noteworthy is when wearing printed sarees (printed sarees are awesome and very “IN’ thing to wear) if the lady is bulky she should steer clear of big prints. To look slimmer wear small floral prints and avoid at all cost big chunky prints. You can wear geometric prints too provided the prints are small in scale. wigs for women wigs for women

cheap wigs cheap wigs Yeah youtube some drone strike videos champ, thoughts and prayers. In reality where the rest of us live those weapons are frequently used to kill a lot of people rapidly. So if the best defense for the current ease of obtaining them is to hypothetically get massacred while clutching onto one in a future uprising, I not sold on the position cheap wigs cheap wigs.

If we focus canada goose black friday sale on our true identity

I think the world is better off with a Democrat. Hilary Clinton has faults, but there plenty to like too, and I rather have her than any Republican. And at this stage, she looking like the one most capable of being elected. If we focus canada goose black friday sale on our true identity, sons and daughters that already please God because of his grace, we deny ourselves canada goose outlet and everything God has we receive because we are his and ALREADY seated in the throne room of grace. We canada goose outlet jackets have his mind because of the holy spirit. My goodness, canada goose outlet shop there cannot be doubt or fear in a Christian who knows their true identity.

Canada Goose online Killed one. It was a feeble story; there were always rats in the feed, and no one canada goose outlet store would have stirred a finger to investigate their noises in the dead of night, let alone hunt them in the dark.Hanks made a sound of disgust, rustling his bedclothes. Scotchman buggering the horses again, he said conversationally to Crusoe, though clearly speaking loud enough to be heard below. Canada Goose online

uk canada goose outlet Are going to start a new energy revolution, one that celebrates American production on American soil. We want to make our canada goose outlet store uk goods here, instead of shipping them in from other countries. All over the canada goose outlet online world, they ship in, ship in, take the Americans money, take the money, go home, take our jobs, take our companies, no longer folks, no longer, he said.. uk canada goose outlet

cheap Canada Goose But canada goose outlet new york city she will prevent a Republican Congress from doing bad things and given the number of bad things a Republican Congress is apt to want to do, that is no small good.In those areas which are more fully in the control of the president, I would trust her to do more or canada goose factory outlet less the right thing, essentially continuing what Obama has tried to do. The most important of these areas is foreign policy, where, having been Obama’s secretary of state, she can be expected to follow the same broad lines of policy. This is critical. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Parka Biblical scholars have, over many decades, sought to develop methods of textual analysis to tease out these various interests and threads.But Aslan does not claim to be engaged in literary analysis but in history canada goose outlet sale writing. One might then expect his reconstruction of the world of Jesus of Nazareth to display a deep understanding of second temple Judaism. Yet, his historical reconstruction is partial in both senses of the term. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Outlet canada goose factory sale For those who are already acne prone, Zeichner stressed the importance of cleaning the skin with proper facial products, and perhaps opting for a bluetooth earpiece instead of bringing your phone up to your face. Blue light is responsible for premature aging. A study from 2013 claims HEV light can have the same effects as UVA and UVB on the skin. canada goose factory sale

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Again, it’s not a plot hole, just a really, really oddly specific thing that happens in every film. And this genre obsession can often border on being hilariously unrealistic. Take the 1998 film Halloween: H20 (which is terrific, you guys) and the scene wherein Michael Myers steals a 1971 Buick Skylark, until it breaks down at a rest stop. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose sale He was apparently emulating the late Heath Ledger’s “Joker” character from the last big Batman picture. His home was wired with booby traps and the police spent a lot of time entering safely into the apartment. Aside from canada goose jacket outlet his bullet proofing ‘armor’, nothing about this tragedy canada goose outlet parka has any goose outlet canada real connection to Batman, the character, other than choosing a Batman premiere as his location.. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Wallenda walks Niagara Falls on a tightrope; hopes canada goose outlet nyc to bring people to GodA while back I wrote a piece about how a decent pro evolution site at the University of California at Berkeley, Evolution, was marred by its pro accommodationism stance, and was funded by the National Science Foundation. To me that bordered on state endorsement of religion, because asserting the compatibility of science and religion is a particular theological stance. As with the evolution site, it looks like a good resource for teachers; there are sections about how science works, the nature of evidence, and so forth. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose store Charlie Hebdo gets of the Year award; awards endorsed by Rowan WilliamsI find it deeply ironic that an award for of the Year in 2015 went to an organization that was attacked, and canada goose outlet uk had many of its members slaughtered, by Islamic terrorists. But let look at the background.The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC)is a British based organization that professes a commitment to human rights, regardless of nation or ethnicity. And it appears to do some good stuff, including campaigning for gay rights, women rights, and for political prisoners in Muslim countries. canada goose store

canada goose coats Just admit that you’re in the wrong relationship.” When a client voices these classic resistant lines, I encourage them to do an experiment: first write down canada goose outlet in usa all of the voices of resistance, then package them up, put them to the side, and commit to doing the true inner work for six months. Six months won’t make or break anybody. canada goose outlet reviews Tell yourself it’s an experiment: for six months you won’t indulge the intrusive thoughts but will instead practice the methods I teach for working with them so that you can turn inward and pay attention to what actually needs your attention canada goose coats.

Selecting a Proportion System

Selecting a Proportion System

Lots of traders, in particular all those experienced upon the web, are likely towards lean in the direction of no stress providers While selecting mutual cash.
Nevertheless if on your own do determine towards seek the services of an financial commitment expert, by yourself are requested towards just take involving A, B or C stocks for every single mutual fund that on your own get. Being familiar with the suitable decision can be impossible.
A stocks often price a major upfront burden which can be as significantly as 5.75% which is discount for high trades relying upon the measurement. The command price upon these kinds of are likely toward be to some degree very little as opposed in direction of B and C stocks.
B stocks price no up entrance stress nevertheless will price a rate if yourself promote out of the fund loved ones within just a sure period. Frequently the expense is 5% within just the very first calendar year and declines just about every 12 months until eventually it disappears within the 6th calendar year. In the direction of generate up the foregone A proportion price, B stocks expense a larger sized command amount related in the direction of C stocks. Soon after the fund enterprise is made up of billed that large charge for adequate period in the direction of recoup their charge, the fund business enterprise will often turn Individuals stocks toward A stocks within acquire in direction of prevent your price tag.
C stocks value no up entrance burden and will just price your self 1% if oneself promote within the very first calendar year. Of training course, due to the fact they create a lot less income, the handle rate is often double that of A stocks.
Thus which training course is the most affordable? The resolution relies upon upon how a lot your self devote and how extended on your own are living used within just the fund.
For very low buys of say $10,000 or significantly less, the variance involving B stocks upon A stocks is small and actually arrives down in the direction of weather conditions or not your self will need in the direction of fork out the prices up entrance.
In addition, for very low ranges, due to the fact oneself are not click this website investing that higher rate upfront, C stocks historically less expensive in just the initially 7 many years. Soon after 7 yrs, the A stocks will be less costly.
Unfortunately, considering the fact that A stocks are the merely percentage system towards present a lower price for high buys, large investments of $250,000 or added within A stocks may well grow to be much less expensive than C stocks in just just a 12 months or 2.
Classic knowledge is that A stocks are specifically for a lot more traders given that mutual price range are regarded very long-phrase investments and previously mentioned the extensive expression, they are more cost-effective.
Continue to, this knowledge places no significance upon overall flexibility. For any monetary program, this is a miscalculation.
If your self place economical into an A proportion or a B proportion and spend the substantial up entrance rate or hefty again conclusion rate, that income is long gone permanently. If your self distinction your brain within the upcoming couple many years, or contain an unexpected emergency and contain toward pull your funds out of the fund business for any cause, yourself developed a blunder inside not deciding upon C stocks.
Highest buyers are not shopping for superior stages of mutual price range. For reduced buys C stocks are usually the simplest alternative since they Deliver the trader the greatest versatility in just developing long run improvements.
Bear in mind that irrespective of least difficult intensions, the normal trader retains a mutual fund for 7 a long time. Hence for the typical minimal trader, the price is virtually the very same no make a difference which percentage by yourself decide on. Thus why present up the versatility of C stocks?
In just addition, if oneself make a decision C stocks and stay inside of the fund for extra than 7 many years, it will possibly be since oneself are adequately you should with the accomplishment, that oneself put on’t intellect expending a tiny even more.
Upon the other hand, if your self obtain an A percentage and fully grasp inside of the initial couple many years that your self include created a oversight, your self are course at the rear of wherever your self would comprise been with C stocks.
Of system, the much larger the buy, the further more possibly A stocks will be a superior selection considering that the much larger the low cost, the small the year for A stocks towards turn out to be considerably less high-priced.
No make any difference what conclusion oneself crank out, be yes in direction of review your monetary plans the moment deciding on a proportion training course. Selecting a Wonderful supervisor is the highest essential aspect of deciding upon a mutual fund. The preference of proportion study course is small in just comparison. By means of being familiar with the variations within just solutions, yourself will be composed toward just take the specifically course for yourself.

I can believe 19 months have flown so fast

They learn that she is now working as a singer and pianist at a local hotel. Having established also that she is divorced, Frasier takes the opportunity of inviting her round to his house for cocktails that evening. Martin is delighted to see Ronee, and soon both he and Frasier are flirting with her.

wigs for women He was on one side and DuBois was on the other. Washington thought the focus should be on ______ and that eventually things would work out. DuBois was more of an integrationist. Midway through the song, he pulls apart the mic stand and then starts blaming the stage crew/roadies for not being able to give him working equipment. Roadie comes on stage proceeds to fix mic stand costume wigs, but Wes is so fucked up he continues to just berate everyone, and then had a complete meltdown. The band started playing the next song and he just sat on a monitor while the band played on. wigs for women

Lace Wigs It’s a craze for the young and old. TV series such as Once Upon a Time, Brothers Grimm, and Sleepy Hollow are reflective of this craze fables take a walk on the dark side. Also movies such as Red Riding Hood starring Amanda Seyfried and remakes of movies like Alice in Wonderland have been brought back to create a darker side of a world we once thought of as innocent.. Lace Wigs

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After you set inputDone to false when they enter q, you then immediately do a check to see if lineString contains a comma. If it doesn (which is the case when they are quitting), it will try to load two lines of input there aren two lines of input in this case. So, when you set inputDone you need to then check if it true or false before doing anything else in the loop..

All your investments in XRP will disappear if the Ripple company disappears, shuts down, files for bankruptcy or gets hacked. Why? Because it is still a centralized entity which still can be targeted by governments and hackers. This is exactly what Andreas Antonopoulos states, this is just another business doing business as usual.

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Another, from HarleyLowSpeed, said will be awkward at Father

PunctualityLast but not the least; a good coach must understand the importance of time. It is the responsibility of the coach to arrange the training set up before the players get there. If the trainer is not punctual and do not arrives at the training area on time, the other players will definitely get bored easily.

wholesale jerseys from china But after missing the entire 2011 season to recover from a damaged nerve in his neck and facing a salary cap dilemma, Colts owner Jim Irsay made the toughest decision of his career cutting ties with Manning and using the No. 1 draft pick to begin anew. Immediate reactions in Indy were mixed when Irsay tearfully tried to explain he wanted Manning to have another shot at the Super Bowl before his career ended, while the Colts were attempting to remain a Super Bowl contender for the next decade with a completely new cast.. wholesale jerseys from china

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But he picked up his third foul a call he didn’t like with 38

Think the big issue that players are having all the players I spoken with and the issue that I had was the glorification of a dangerous play to drive advertising and (web) hits, McBride said. Talk about concussions, you talk about head issues, that kind of play glorifies that. The NLL wants highlights, new eyes on the league, and excitement, there no doubting the Buque hit provided all three..

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